Handmade Antique Style Ceramic XL Tea Canister/ Ginger Jar

Handmade Antique Style Ceramic XL Tea Canister/ Ginger Jar

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RuYao means Ru Kiln, which is one of the most famous kilns in China’s Song Dynasty, around 900 years ago. The produce from RuYao was supplied only to the royal family in ancient China. The Ru Kiln survived for about 20 years and destroyed in a war, so there are only 79 pieces complete RuYao antiques left in the world now. In 2012, a small RuYao washer set a new record with US$26.7m in Sotheby's auction.

The simple and classic appearance of RuYao ceramics can fit a variety of home decoration style. Today most RuYao style products are tea accessories, such as teapot, cups and tea canisters.

This tea caddy is a RuYao style handmade product. They can be airtight canister or a decor ginger jar. It has the beautiful natural crazing and the unique colour of RuYao.

Selling : 1x RuYao Canister

Diameter: 16.5cm

Height: 13.5cm

Capacity:  1000ml

Weight: 0.938kg     

Material: Ceramic

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