About Us

Yummm.com.au is an online shop operated by Yum Media Pty Ltd. We think creativity is important not only in cooking good food, but also in our kitchens. We offer a range of products and an innovative solution to suit your kitchen needs. 

Customers can also find recipes, cooking tips and homestyling ideas on our sharing platform www.iyummm.com.

If you build a project and send us your photos, we will return you with a gift travel wallet, which can hold your passport, boarding pass, notes, cards, map, and more. 

How does it work?

1. Order products from us, including from website, ebay, or special order;

2. Build your project, eg. shelving unit, table, tile projects, home decor projects;

3, Take photos with your mobile phone or digital camera, make sure they are usable, not blurry, not too dark, but larger resolution;

4. Send the photos to info@yummm.com.au, put down your name and shipping address.

5. We send you the travel wallet for free.

By sending your photos to us, you are releasing the rights to the photos and giving us permission to use these photos on our website and blog. 

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